The ONE GENE Company

METIS Precision Medicine

METIS is a B-corp* founded in April 2017 by the confluence of a handful of scientists, among the leaders of oncogene research, and a group of visionary investors with the mission of translating cancer research findings into therapies.

Backed by over three decades of research focused on a specific oncogene, METIS benefits from a profound knowledge of the biology and pathology driven by MET, including cancer.

Metis owns the intellectual property of a suite of anti-MET monoclonal antibodies (the «Platform»), inactivating the MET oncogene.

Metis is developing a pipeline of "potential drugs", of which the most advanced MET inhibitor - hOA-DN30 - has proven to be "unique" and extremely effective against cancer in pre-clinical setting.

(*) Benefit Corporations or B Corps are companies that voluntarily meet the highest standards of purpose, responsibility, and transparency. They go beyond the goal of profit, and innovate to maximize the positive impact on communities, environment, and mankind.


New Patent: Product Candidate hOA-DN30 patent submitted

METIS approached by a couple of Big Life Science Multinationals over possible data sharing on R&D projects

hOA-DN30: selected as Product Candidate on the bases of anticancer efficacy on xenopatients and acceptable PK profile

METIS obtained EMA’s SME registration

AIRC awarded Prof. Comoglio’s project on a rare form of cancer (Cancer of Unknown Primary, “CUP”).
METIS is CUP project partner

Prof. L. Gianni joins METIS as Chief Medical Advisor

New Patent: “Deco-MaB” a single compound Co-targeting MET wt and HGF

METIS starts cooperation with University of Caen on "stroke"

C. Geroni joins METIS as Head of Pre-clinical Development studies and co-responsible for Asset’s Trade

First equity round investment with Club degli Investitori

Humanization of hOA-DN30 antibody (Selected Lead Candidate)

METIS starts to operate acquiring a significant patents portfolio of antibodies and cell lines



Paolo Comoglio

Co-founder and Former Scientific Director of the Candiolo Cancer Institute

  • Full professor at the University of Torino Medical School
  • 30 years of Met research
  • Over 395 publications with > 38,000 citations

Mauro Brunelli

  • Advisor for prestigious Life Sciences companies from the first Italian biotech
  • IPOs to several transactions in the Pharma, Biotech and MedTech sectors.

Beatrice Ramasco

  • Co-founder of Studio Ciani Ramasco Accounting Firm
  • Statutory Auditor in several high-profile industrial and financial groups (e.g. IBM, CNH Industrial, FCA, Eni, Intesa SanPaolo, Tyco International)

Luca Gianni

  • Director of Medical Oncology, San Raffaele Institute, Milano
  • Founder of the Michelangelo Foundation, Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milano
  • Former consultant of clinical pharmacology, National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA;
  • Over 280 clinical trial publications with > 25,000 citations

Carla Boccaccio

  • Head of Cancer Stem Cell Research lab
  • Associate professor at the University of Torino
    Medical School
  • Over 30 years of Met experience

Cristina Geroni

Head of Preclinical
  • Over 35 years experience working in International Pharmaceutical R&D (Farmitalia, Pharmacia, Pfizer)
  • More than 20 years of leadership roles in Oncology R&D and licensing-out oncology drugs
  • Over 55 patents

Elisa Vigna

  • Head of Gene Transfer lab
  • Lead researcher of DN30 for over 10 years
  • More than 20 years of Met research experience

James Hughues

Project Coordinator
  • PHD in Genetics and Molecular Biology, MS in Biotechnology and BS Business Management
  • Over 10 years of research experience.