The Club degli Investitori is an association made up of entrepreneurs who invest their personal capital in start-ups and small, innovative businesses with high growth potential, in return for an equity stake.

The Members of the Club are forward-looking investors on the constant lookout for talented, innovative Italian entrepreneurs.

Investing through the Club means much more than the financial contribution: it means the involvement of a group of people whose network of contacts and experience is worth way more than the capital they are investing. The Club degli Investitori is based in Turin and has more than 150 members. Membership of the Club can only be gained through introduction by an existing Member.


Italian Angels for Biotech (hereinafter “IAB”) was founded in mid-2015, originating from the idea of a group of successful life sciences entrepreneurs. Although, Italy has incredible talents and brilliant ideas are continuously generated, most projects do not have enough breadth to attract specialized investors. As a consequence, most ideas fail to reach a level of maturity to become a successful enterprise. We strongly believe that a specialized group of Angels dedicated to the Life Sciences sector could help to fill the gap: identify the most valuable projects, finance and nurture them to a mature stage to attract the Venture Capital community and/or corporate investors.

IAB is an association made by a group of people with significant experience in Life Sciences. Members include successful entrepreneurs and investors, prominent executives, advisors, physicians and scientists. Most IAB members have been also founders and/or senior executives in companies within the healthcare space.