METIS is a B-corp* whose mission is to develop scientific knowledge about cancer and make new drugs available based on precision medicine

It was born from a deep and renowned knowledge of the MET oncogene, acquired over thirty years by Prof. P.M. Comoglio and his “team”, at the Candiolo Cancer Institute – IRCC

Possesses a significant patent portfolio

The lead, “hOA-DN30“, is a potent anticancer drug. It is an anti-MET antibody, optimized by genetic engineering (“fully humanized”, “single-armed”). The antibody is characterized by a unique mechanism of action, extremely effective, and virtually free of toxicity.

*A B-Corp is an entity that voluntarily submits to the highest standards of purpose, responsibility, and transparency, to go beyond profit, maximizing the positive impact on society, the entire human race, and the environment (as governed by Article 1 of Law No. 208 of 28 December 2015)

The Team

Paolo Comoglio
Paolo ComoglioMD, Prof., Chairman
Founder, former scientific director of the Candiolo Cancer Research and Treatment Institute (IRCC) and full professor at the University of Turin.
Cristina Geroni
Cristina GeroniPhD, Head Research and Development
Former director of oncology R&D in leading pharmaceutical companies (Farmitalia, Pharmacia, Pfizer).
Luca Gianni
Luca GianniMD, Prof., Senior Medical Advisor
Director of medical oncology, San Raffaele hospital and professor of oncology at V.S. University of Milan. President of the Michelangelo Foundation.
Mauro Brunelli
Mauro BrunelliDr, Chief Executive Officer
Former head of finances in prestigious banks. IPOs to several transactions in the Pharma, Biotech and MedTech sectors.
Carla Boccaccio
Carla BoccaccioMD, Prof., Chief Scientific Officer
Head of the Cancer Stem Cell Research Laboratory (IRCC). Associate Professor at the University of Turin.
Beatrice Ramasco, Dr
Beatrice Ramasco, DrDr, Chief Financial Officer
Statutory auditor in high-profile financial and industrial groups (IBM, CNH industrial, FCA, ENI, Intesa Sanpaolo).
Elisa Vigna
Elisa VignaPhD, Technology Transfer Officer
Head of the Gene Therapy Laboratory (IRCC).
James Hughes
James HughesPhD, Project coordinator
Previous experience in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Business Management


Club degli Investitori

The Club degli Investitori is an entrepreneur association investing in start-ups and small, innovative businesses with high growth potential, in return for an equity stake. Members of the Club are forward-looking investors, on the constant lookout for innovative projects.

Investing through the Club means much more than the financial contribution: it means the involvement of a group of invaluable network of contacts and experience. The Club degli Investitori is based in Turin and has more than 150 members. Accrual of new members is only by appointment.


Italian Angels for Biotech (“IAB”) was founded in mid-2015, originating from the idea of a group of successful life sciences entrepreneurs.

IAB is an association made by a group of investors focused on Life Sciences. Members include successful entrepreneurs, prominent executives, advisors, physicians and scientists. A number of IAB members has been among the founders and/or senior executives of companies within the healthcare area.